The Court of Fountains



The spacious Fountain Court greeted shoppers inside the primary entrance to Chris-Town and hosted many special events over the years. Three fountains originally graced the COF.


Square Dance, 1963


Dairy Week cow milking, 1965



Circa 1961



Rock concert, circa 1966.

Phoenix Suns appearance, 1970



The main fountain, 1961

View from under one of the two "slipper arch" stairways, 1961

Early view of slipper arch stairway, 1961

Chris-Town General Manager Jim Cunning (right) greets J.C. Penney at store expansion celebration, 1967.

Displays inside Penney's, 1964

The legendary organ grinder and his monkey were a fixture in the Court of Fountains in the '60s and '70s. Photo circa 1975.

View outside Penney's looking toward west mall, circa 1962.
From "The Webb Spinner," September 1961. Del E. Webb Corp./Sun City Museum

Sports car show, 1963.

Car show, circa 1963.

Antique car show, 1967.

Sand castles, circa 1984

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