The Court of Fountains



The spacious Fountain Court greeted shoppers inside the primary entrance to Chris-Town

and hosted many special events over the years. Three fountains originally graced the COF.


Square Dance, 1963


Dairy Week cow milking, 1965



Circa 1961



Rock concert, circa 1966.

New!-  Phoenix Suns appearance, 1970



The main fountain, 1961

View from under one of the two "slipper arch" stairways, 1961

Early view of slipper arch stairway, 1961

Chris-Town General Manager Jim Cunning (right) greets J.C. Penney at store expansion celebration, 1967.

New! - Displays inside Penney's, 1964

A popular organ grinder and his monkey were a fixture in the Court of Fountains in the '60s and early '70s. Photo circa 1975.

New! - Antique car show, 1967.

Sand castles, circa 1984

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