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Sunday, November 7, 1993


John Bueker

Lands Job

Still Has Some Doubts About The Importance of Work

Peoria, Arizona- A milestone of significant importance has been reached by a former JDA resident now living in beautiful Peoria. Mr. John Bueker has successfully penetrated the work force, securing employment with the Peoria Unified School District as a 7th grade teacher at Sky View Elementary School. Bueker, 35, has long been reluctant to work in the private sector, owing to a passionate dislike of other people. However, he has been longing to try something a little different: "I suppose I could spend the rest of my life as a derelict, but it's not as rewarding as it looks." Bueker is expected to report for work next week.


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In 1967, Daddy Bueker announced that he was still adamantly opposed to a proposed visit to Neptune's Garden tropical fish shop in East Phoenix. Negotiations dragged on into the night, with no speedy resolution apparent. Commented daughter Susan: "What's the big deal? It's just a fish store! I'm too cool to care about it anyway."