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        Happy Independence Day 


  Barbara Bueker Stewart health scare

(BP) – A former Joan De Arc resident’s recent hospitalizations have caused considerable anxiety among close family members regarding her long-term health prospects.

Following Barbara Bueker Stewart’s remarkably vigorous recovery from a serious trachea condition and surgery-related complications this spring, there are growing concerns among her children that their mother could live forever.

     “I think it might be one of those Dorian Gray type deals,” family spokesman John Bueker recently remarked. “That’s all I can figure. Frankly, we’re all beginning to wonder if we’re ever going to see any of our inheritance money.”

     Bueker Stewart was admitted to John C. Lincoln Hospital in March after complaining of breathing difficulties and extreme fatigue. Released after a few days following a trachea-widening procedure, she was quickly readmitted with fatigue and edema, with doctors expressing serious misgivings about the condition of her heart. A series of tests revealed no heart-related issues, and after a day or so of rest, Stewart went home and made a full recovery.

     “I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but it looks like our mother could live for quite a few years to come,” Bueker added somberly. “We just have to face up to that reality and cope the best we can.”


   Tempe museum to commemorate theme park

by J. Beaver

     The Legend City amusement park, arguably more popular 30 years after its demise than it was when actually open for business, will be commemorated in a major exhibit beginning later this year at Tempe History Museum.

     Scheduled to open November 6, the Legend City exhibit will feature a rich variety of iconic items from the park’s heyday including a car from the antique car ride, a sky ride orb, animatronic figures, employee uniforms, signs, souvenirs, and other assorted memorabilia. Tempe History Museum is currently soliciting Legend City items from the public on the museum website at

     Park founder Louis Crandall, Wallace and Ladmo star Pat McMahon, Legend City author John Bueker, and several other park luminaries will appear in taped interview segments at the exhibit to tell the story of the fondly remembered Old West theme park. Co-curator Bueker is loaning the bulk of his extensive collection of park artifacts to the exhibit, a process he characterizes as “fairly traumatizing.”

     Legend City was an ambitious 1960s attempt to bring a Disneyland-style theme park to the Phoenix area that rapidly unraveled into financial disaster and yet endured for two decades before finally disappearing in 1983.



                                                                       Sahuaro receiving makeover

                                 By J. Bueker

     Normally dormant over the summer break, Sahuaro School is buzzing with activity this month as it undergoes some major renovations.

     Eight large moving vans filled with new flooring for the school have been positioned on the playground to facilitate the replacement of existing classroom and office carpet and tile. A fresh coat of paint will also be applied to a number of interior areas around the school.

      “We are very excited about the work that will be done here over the summer,” said Sahuaro Principal Deborah Menendez.  “When we return in August, we will have a fresh new look!”

     Neighborhood residents have expressed concerns in recent years regarding rumors that the Washington School District was planning to demolish the aging school and replace it with new buildings, as has been done with several other schools in the district. The decision to replace the flooring suggests that the old Sahuaro buildings are now planned to remain in service for years to come.

     The new school year at Sahuaro begins on August 10.



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